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There are a number of Kalinga Vysya Families in the twin cities of Hydeabad and Secunderabad. As per unofficial count nearly 3000 families, live in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Due to lack of Opportunities to make a living in their respective native places, many families have shifted to twin cities to pursue small time jobs and petty business. In order to mitigate the plight of these needy families, a small group of people promoted a forum to serve their interests in a humble way. Consequently. “The Hyderabad City Kalinga Vysya Association” took birth in mid eighties and registered on April 2, 1989.

The main aims and objectives of the Association are:

  1. To forge unity and camaraderie among the Kalinga Vysya to develop scientific thinking.
  2. To improve the lot of Kalinga Vysyas, especially those living below the poverty line, by way of extending financial help scholarships, etc. to the needy.
  3. To solve all disputes among the Kalinga Vysyas out of Court.
  4. To build a ‘Kalinga Vysya Bhavan’ to conduct the activities of the Association, besides construction of a community hall.
  5. To Establish educational institutions.
  6. To bring out a News letter at regular intervals to maintain a communication channel among Members.

However lofty the goals and ideals of the Association may be nothing runs without proper financial back-up. To achieve this, through contributions and donations from members, we could so far create a Corpus of about Rs.2,00,000. This is grossly inadequate to translate our objective into reality.

Initially we propose to acquire some suitable accommodation in a central locality for running the Association activities. By any reckoning, it would cost not less than s.10 Lakhs.We are putting our efforts to boost the corpus but it is unlikely we meet the target. We therefore, earnestly and fervently appeal to you to contribute generously and liberally for this noble cause.



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